The Soul Tamer logoo

Why hi there and welcome to the deep dwellings within my soul.

An avid poetry writer and possessive blogger who likes to put pen to paper and finger to keyboard to express sadness, happiness, anger, desire, my selfish wants and my many out bursts of anxiety.

Quick facts:
Age: Mid 20’s
Location: London
Occupation: HR
Likes: Chocolate, Anime, Candles, Books, Otome Games, Dresses, Floral Print, Pusheen the cat, Rikakuma, Stationary, Arts and Crafts, Going to museums, Music, Movies, family and my husband
Dislikes: Girls with natural resting bitch faces, My flabs, Dry skin, Constipation, My Anxiety, Nasty smells, Beef, Overly bubbly people and many more things (to long for me to list)


Me, the soul tamer.