Ooh laa LUSH

When you think of Lush, you think of their amazing bath bombs right? And their delightful bubble bath bars huh? Oh and I bet you also think about their divine smelling bath/shower gels hmm? Yup. I think the exact same haha but one thing I never thought I’d try is their skin care rang and ohhhhh my gaaaaash it’s pretty good!

I use Lush bath bombs and bubble bars all the time and although I want to blog about them it’s best I save them for another post hehe. My skincare journey at Lush began through a recommendation. Oooooh indeed. I needed a new facial scrub because the one I used to use which was yup you guessed it from the L’Occitane en Provence shea butter range was discontinued tinny horror. It was costly, yes, at £22ish from what I recall but I didn’t care because it was the only face scrub I could use on my skin and I didn’t react. The scrub was incased within a milky creamy shea butter solution and packed with almond granules. The cream texture felt amazing against my skin as I rubbed it all over, all the while the almond bits were scrubbing away the dead skin and my skin wasn’t left red and flustered. Anyway it was discontinued, I was gutted and needed a new scrub. So I took to Facebook! (Back when it was widely used by everyone and I was addicted to it, quite sad really looking back haha) 

On Facebook I put as a status asking for reccomendations and an ex work colleague who I used to work with at L’Occitane en Provence who advised 2 of which 1 was a cleansing scrub from Lush well 2 from Lush. I though okay I should pop in and ask for sample. I knew of people who would use Lush toners and masks but I never heard of anyone using their facial scrub cleansers. Anyway I popped in and asked for a sample of the Let the Good Times Roll facial and body cleansing scrub. The Let the Good times roll facial cleansing scrub is packed with cinnamon powder, corn oil, maze flour, gardenia oil and popcorn pieces which act as the exfoliating element. At first I was drawn to the smell I was worried of the cinnamon overpowering the whole scrub as I am not a cinnamon fan, I only like it in my chicken curries but no, I could smell it. The scrub smells sweet, like sweets. It smelt divine and I loved how it left my skin feeling. It wasn’t to harsh, I did notice my skin was left red when I over scrubbed but hey that happens to anyone who would. I loved he merge of the smells from Gardenia and the texture was creamy with the merge of the maize flour wrapped in all the oils. The popcorn pieces are very few and add the extra oomph as the exfoliating factor and with some pieces ranging in various sizes it’s perfect. 

Lush have many ranges of skin care, aimed at different skin types but the reccomendations I received was directly aimed at my dry and sensitive skin type. Once at Lush the sales advisors do also reccomend others and what greets about Lush is a) they are all so Freindly b) happy to give you samples to try before you buy c) everything just smells so damn nice in there. With all their cleansing scrubs they can be used on face and body but I used mine for my face. 

Bubblegum lip scrub. After trying my sisters lip scrub I was like damn this smells the bomb! Good enough to eat! My sister is a spender and she is anything and everything haha. I was staying over my mums and she was like booboo yes my siblings call me booboo try this lip scrub because I was looking for a scrub to purchase for my lips. You forget your lips need to be scrubbed especially after wearing lipstick and stuff. This scrub smells delicious. You honestly want to eat t but alas you cannot lol. The main components in this scrub are caster sugar and jaboba oil, the sugar is the exfoliating factor which works on the lips to get rid of the dead skin, it’s feels super nice when you take it out of the jar and place on your lip to scrub. The great thing is you only need a small amount and lasts ages which can be an annoying thing because with Lush products they have a BBE date and as the products are made fresh the BBE data are not a year or two but within 2-3months. So purchase yours by looking at the BBE date.

There are a lot more skin care products from Lush I’d love to try but only with time and hey there are so many products one can buy. I’m already running out of space haha.

Do any of you guys use any of the products from Lush’s skin care? Is so tell me about them! Do you use any of the products listed which can I use and if so what do You think?

Lots of love,

Me, the Soul Tamer x


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