Feeding my face some Vitamin E

For a while the only skin care range I used was the Shea Butter range from L’Occitane en Provence and I still use the moisturiser from the range because I cannot use anything else on my skin. The price rage for this range wasn’t cheap and I needed to purchase something more on the cheaper side but that was still great for my skin. 

One day, I had finished work early and thought I’d pop into my local shopping centre for a browse. I was still new to the area so thought be a great chance to explore the shops and what was around. The shopping centre has a Body Shop so I popped in to just have a look around and maybe buy some bath/shower products. I find myself walking passed heir vanilla range (which I love) and heading to their skin care and make up. Iv never had a proper look at their ranges and thought let’s see what there is. That was were I found myself staring in interest at their Vitamin E range.

The rang is vast from toners to oils to scrubs for the face. Now what I was in need of was a toner and cleanser and the price gave was much cheaper at £7.50 each. Now at L’Occitane the shea butter cleansing milk and water toner I’d buy was in the £19-£22 range so my delight when I saw the price. But as anyone’s worry was would my skin react to this, would this be okay for me, would I like it? I asked one of their shop floor assistants which out of heir range is test for dry and sensitive skin and he straight away recommends dme the vitamin e range. After much unming and aahing I thought let’s buy it along with the toner and cleaner I bough the facial wash too! I was also going to buy some make up album realised I didn’t need it, I was also going to buy a face mask and also realised I had loads at home. Haha 

This is what I do when I go shopping I have a tendency of over but things on a whim and over spending. I act like I have so much money when I dont haha

Post purchase 

Since having purchased this, I’m hooked and the range is divine.

 The cleanser is creamy with the same texture as my Shea butter milk cleanser so it feels like my face is clean against the rich milky texture when I massage it in. The toner is ever so gentle again so similar to my shea butter water toner. The facial wash is much light in consistency compared to the cleanser obvs but I can use it every morning which I had before I used the cleanser and my skin felt super clean. The facial wash is on the verge of finishing but I don’t think I’d re buy not because it wasn’t good but because I have a cleaner which I’d be using in its place and I prefer the thick consistency of it. I was going to from this range buy the Vitamin R overnight serum oil as a last reword if I couldn’t find my Oilology coconut oil but that wasn’t needed however when this finishes I will to this out.

I highly reccomend this

So if you need a skin care range aimed at dry and sensitive skin, this is the range. I acc to say much about the moisturisers and other products however I can not sing it’s praises for the cleanser, toner and facial wash. Amazing products, great for the skin, super gentle and does the job at a better price.

Do let me know if any of you have this and use this. Would be great to know your thoughts and also if you didn’t like it. Everyone has different skin so this may not be the skin care rang for you and thats okay. The Body shop have so many ranges from their Vitamin C to tea tree oil to heir seaweed range. Each range is focused in a specific skin type.

Lots of love,

Me, The Soul Tamer x 


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