I’m about the face oil life

This coconut oil is life. I really mean it.

Like a lot of my things I buy and use… I buy them on a whim and I think I need to keep at it haha because these items turn out to be really good for me! 

This coconut oil by Oilology is truly a god send. I was in Holland and Barrat and needed to buy an oil for my hair and I heard coconut oil was good. I was looking for it in a oil concsistancy as most of the time when you purchase coconut oil imyou purchase in a tub and it’s hard. Anyway long story cut short i bought it not reading the bottle properly thinking ooooh I can use it on my hair. It wasn’t until 3months later after buying it I decided to wear it and the first time I decided to use it was the morning after my Mendhi (November 2016). My sister wife was staying over and said she would massage oil into my hair to get rid of all the hair spray and it was her who was like 

Err, this is for your face

I was like oh my bad. I decided to use it on my face and see what it would be like. I wasn’t worried about whether it would react to my skin because well it’s oil and my skin needs it being so dry. I tried applying it at night first because it’s rich and most of the time your meant to apply a rich oil treatment before you sleep. The first time I applied it after I cleansed and toned before putting on my shea butter moisturiser I woke up and my skin felt super smooth. My skin dries out anytime any place so to wake up and feel my skin so smooth was lovely! 

You don’t need a lot of drops about 2-5 depending how dry your skin is. It lasts enough and I found I wasn’t getting any breakouts for a while and my skin was just super smooth. It was nice.

I continued using it as a nighty treatment then in the winter started to use it as a both day and night treatment. I then gave it away. Lol to my sister around Jan 2017 time. The story behind that is she came over to stay at my new house for the very first time and she was complaining about all the spots she broke out in and asked for my advise as according to her I’m a skincare expert and know my shit when it comes to routine for the face (which I cant deny, I feel like I do) I asked her if she is toning and cleasing, her answer was she cleanses but doesn’t tone my response? TONING IS SUPER IMPORTANT FOR HE SKIN ESPECIALLY FOR YOUR PORES LOVE. I then asked her is she uses an oil or serum before she puts on her moisturiser in the morning her answer? NO. I wasn’t surprised so that was when I told her about my skin care routine and couldn’t stop raving about the coconut oil and being the super nice sister I am I was like here, take it and use it. She was like what if I react because the last time she used a skin care products was my shea butter moisturiser and the poor girl reacted really badly with it so I couldn’t blame her for being weary but I advised her it’s an oil, it’s our blend of coconut oil designed for the face and it wouldn’t cause her any harm. She has since been using the oil and cannot sing it’s praises.

But since I gave her the oil could I buy another one? The answer is a well resounding NO! I was gutted! I thought I’ll be able to buy another one from Holland and Barrat but they stopped selling it and I was like where the hell can I buy this from. It took me 4 Months before I found it on eBay and boy I was so happy! But in those 4 months my skin felt the wrath of the cold harsh weather and needed that face oil. I used others in its place but I felt it didn’t do the same good things as my coconut oil did. I was coming out in spots but that I belive wa smainly hormonal and stress related.

Upon having received the oil I use it as I did and my skin is feeling better but the spots are still coming but hey, I don’t have control over my hormones or emotions for that matter haha so it is what it is.

I Highly reccomend this 

So if you are looking for a great oil to put on your skin before moisturising as a night treatment or to use daily for your dry skin this is the oil. This can o oy be ordered on eBay so in the search field type in Oilology Cocounut Oil facial treatment and it will come up. This cost me in the rang of £13-£16 I cannot remember so it isn’t the cheapest but then again before this oil I was using a Shea oil from L’Occitane which was costing me in the £20’s price range. Not everyone needs to oil up their face especially when your skin is oily or combination or not dry. My skin is dry so for me putting oil on my skin is a must. But as I said only the smallest amount is needed because this oil Is nutrient rich, 100% natural so a couple of drops does the trick.

If you do use this let me know how you find it. Or if you have used it and didn’t do you any good be great to also find out. 

Lots of love,

Me, the Soul Tamer x


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