Daily essentials

We all have them. They live in our hand bag and here are mine *insert smiley fat face*

1. The bag. Currently the bag I use is a navy blue Lacoste tote bag my husband bought me. It’s big and over the shoulder, it works really well for me. I guess perhaps a bit to well because I find myself shoving everything and anything from receipts, to wrappers, to earrings to you name it lol it’s in there. I am sure loads of women out there can relate. I do change my bags from time to time , really does depend on my mood but this bag is my every day, to work and out and about. The bag in the attached image is a cute bag I just had to buy from New Look. I have a weakness for floral and I just love this dusky pink colour that is still in season and so I tend to buy a lot of items of clothing and accessories in this colour. Really I bought this bag for my holiday. I am going tondubai soon but that’s another blog post hehehe.

2. The purse. That is pretty self explanatory. Like come on who else cannot say their purse is super important! I think I only ever left my purse at home once and that was in college and boy it was a hard day. I couldn’t eat lunch and I couldn’t really do anything. My purse doesn’t change all the time but this purse, a Lacoste one was a birthday gift from my husband (so quite recent) before that I had a purse from Accesorise, bought it in the sale it had a gorgeous floral print and before that was a DKNY purse I had for years. That DKNY purse was the viceroy first designer purse I bought myself which is why I had it for years.

3. The hand cream.b Without this I go ape shit crazy! Suffering from dry skin from my face to my toes, so my hands and fingers are no exception. I go crazy without hand cream in my bag because my ray hands literally send shivers down my spine and I hate it. My first and only love will and forever the Shea Butter Hand cream by L’Occitane en Provence. Maybe I’m a bit bias as I worked for the company for over 3 years and I have first hand experience with the product or maybe having worked for this skin care brand taught me the wonders of creams including hand creams… I do not know. But that being said I have branched out and tried some amazing hand creams. The picture you see above is the La Source hand cream by Crabtree and Evelyn and by God it is amazing. It’s not to sticky, smells divine, the lightness doesn’t dry up quickly so your hands are nourished and the packaging is really nice, light, cool and simple. Highly recommend! They do have smaller handbag sizes but as I love this hand cream a lot at the moment I purchased the larger size, I think the big reason for my purchase was that they had an offer going on their hand creams. I don’t remember but as I said super amazing!

4. The headphones. For me, it’s over ear. My ears don’t like the in-ear ones as they fall out so over ear works much better! The ones in this picture are from Skull Candy. Really handy, they are compact so I can store them in my bag, in fact my first proper over ear head phones I bought were from Skull candy and they lasted me years! All the way through college up to the end of university. I don’t think I boasted enough about them I bought my sisters Skull Candy headphones for their birthdays when they needed a pair of head phones and even they don’t stop raving about them. I have another paid of over ear head phones given to me by my then boyfriend now hubby for a birthday- Beats by Dre and woohoo the sound quality shamaazing but again will discuss this another post as I don’t use them all the time. Perhaps because they are big and rather costly.

5. The glasses. My eye sight well it isn’t the very best. I am short sighted so seeing things from away isn’t my forté but then again I also suffer from dry eyes too so it’s not the best mix. I strain my eyes quite a bit so for me my glasses are a god send changing my dull eye sight to HD when I wear them. I know I could always buy contacts but I dunno I only ever wore contacts back in secondary school when the coloured kind were out and in fashion and it was the latest trend so as any teen would do I jumped on the band wagon and bought me a pair of grey ones and I loved them. As the yeas went on I developed styles and cakes eons on my right upper lid of my eye and then the thought of putting something in my eye didn’t sound ideal. Anyway coming back to this point. I like wearing glasses, so my frames are always the best. Designer and the ones in this picture are Gucci. Only downside, they do get dirty though so the cleaning is hard and annoying.

6. My makeup. I am not such an enthusiast when it comes to make up but I am getting there and slowly learning. In this picture are what I use as my simple daily routine. The brands: Mac cosmetics prep and prime pen, this I use to colour correct the darker areas on my face around my lips and under my eyes cos boy my skin is weird and full of really weird dark areas and since finding this product it is really good to use underneath my consealer and foundation. Kiko full coverage concealer, now I bought this on a whim. I happened to be in Westfield Stratford seeing my husband who use to then work there before I headed off to an interview in London. I was walking passed the Kiko Milano make up store and saw the sign saying SALE so I walked in and just looked around ,touching, opening and thought this is kind of cheap, never used this brand let’s see what the hype is about. Anyway long story cut short I was pretty lucky to pick the shade that is suited to my skin because I merely looked at the sale items and was in a rush so simply purchased the darkest shade in the pile. This concealer is creamy and only the smallest amount needed and because it’s not in a squeeze jar you don’t over use. It’s lasted me quite some time now so that is great! L’Oréal Paris super liner eye liner, this has been my go to eye liner for years. I remember when I first bought it… again it was just on a whim I needed a new eye liner and wanted to buy something by LOréal and I just bought it. Back then for me this brand was the equivalent to Mac for me so to spend £6 something (may have even cost more because it came out new then, this was about 5 years ago) was a big deal. Since then I have tried many other brands but I know I can always rely on this. The brush isn’t to thin or thick so application is smooth where I can get my flicks how I want them. The ink glides onto my eye lid and stays for hours. Kiko unmeasurable length mascara, this I also bought in the sale when I bought the concealer and I have officially switched my mascara from what I used to use to this. It doesn’t leave my lashes clumpy and really does make them long. I bought this in the sale randomly and thought I would give try it as I only had one that I was loyal to. The mascara is easy to take off also at the end of a long day lasts for the whole day too making my lashes look long. Nyx liquid Matt liquid lipstick in Cannes, my sister wife recommended me to buy and try the Nyx cosmetics liquid matte lipsticks and I am so glad I did because I am hooked. I now have most of the colours and my collection is ever growing. They last ages and do not leave the lips looking rough where your lips start peeling and clumping as some have done for me in the past. I was looking for a nude/light pink colour and after a hell of a lotta switching I fell in love with this shade. What’s great about this matte liquid lipsticks is you can layer them on with other shades to make yo lips POP! Nyx eye brow cake powder in Taupe/Ash, eye brows are super significant and when you have eye brows like mine – non existent, they make a hell of a lotta difference! I have tried pencils etc but what I was looking for was something to apply and make my eye brows look natural and was looking for something with the slanted brush and a spookiest to help shape , style and tame my god awful naturally invisible brows haha. This kits is super nice although I only use the black powder and not the wax and the darker grey colour my brows look fierce haha although I do need to really make the most of the the other elements in this kit so perhaps I will and see how using them can make my brows even more LIT. Real techniques blending sponge aka ‘blender’, the original beauty blender was and I think is out of my price range and why should I spend x amount when I can buy it at a bit cheaper from Super drug and the blender is still just as good. This is used to blend in my colour corrector and concealer. I soak mine in some water before use. The Vintage Cosmetic Company Stippling brush, with this I am still finding my way around the universe of brushes but I’m getting there. This brush I use to get rid of any excess on my face and helps to create a more smooth and finished look. There are so many brushes to use out there and I have a pretty big collection but it’s just I am still trying to get to grips with how to use them all.

7. The book. I never used to be much a reader and even now I do find reading a chore but it really depends on the book. I am currently reading Goddess by the Sea by PC caste and so far it’s still early days as I have just started to read it. This was a recommendation by my sister from her vast book collection. I never need to buy or borrow because she will hook me up hehe. 

8. The chocolate. This for me is the highlight, a passionate chocolate lover so it’s merely a necessity for me to carry some with me although I hate to admit that this isn’t the case all the time. But as I was saying I love chocolate so much so, my husband is extremely worried and heck even I was too that I may wellbe on my way of getting type 2 diabetes but hey life is to short and my most recent blood test for my sugar levels came back fine so phew. Haha anyway my sister, is now, the store manager, wait for it… HOTEL CHOCOLAT and omg the chocolate here is something. I have always been a fan but the chocolate is a tad prices but hey when you have a sister who is the store manager and gets half price off all chocolate well it helps. Anyway there are many faces I have at Hotel Chocolat but the ones in my bag are the Salted Caramel Chocolate Puddles and ahhh they are divine. My sweet tooth will one day get me into severe trouble but as I said who cares, I have a love for all things sweet and I will just be that way forever haha much to my husbands dismay..

And we’ll that’s that. But I would lotto know what’s in your bag and what are your daily essential Services? Everyone is different so be great to know hehe.
Much love and fat hugs

me, the Soul Tamer.


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