How do I remind myself to be calm

So, living in this busy and hectic society I am one of many people who’s day to day is chaotic. This starts from I wake up to the last minute I close my eyes and fall asleep, it becomes nothing more then a vicious cycle.

I have learnt that it is so important to have some time to yourself to be able to a) gather your own thoughts b) to enjoy your own company c) to waste that time doing absolutely nothing important and stressful. I highly advise everyone to put some time aside whether it is an hour each day or a couple of hours before you go to sleep or a whole day in the week to spend it with only yourself and well doing what you want to do.

If you are a busy body and that is in your nature to even on your day off or when you have time to yourself to continue doing what you do or find something seemingly important and rather stressful to do then that’s fine. I know people who just cannot spend a day doing nothing, in fact doing something always is rather soothing for me. Me on the other hand I am all for being a busy and as my husband says I am ‘oshanti’ (Sylheti (Bengali dialect) for restless) and I hate to admit it, I am BUT I always find time to myself and my husband is also aware I need that time alone, away from him and everywhere where I can just do whatever it is I want to.

So the question is how do I, in my busy post marriage life find calm and peace?

Well, I am not going to lie, my husband is a big part of that, just the 2 of us just talking and spending time together is peaceful but even then its not enough to really propel me into swimming in an ocean of tranquillity.
For me, its me being alone and LUSH bath bombs play a big part. LUSH, the bestest (not the right English term I know) manufacturer of bath bombs and bubble bars. Oh My God can I stress again how amazing they are?! so Great and so good for the skin. So in the evenings, when basically everyone is in bed I run me a bath, pop in the bath bomb, let it fizz, light me some candles and play some relaxing music as I seep into the tub, resting my head on my bath pillow (which might I add I look everywhere for and in the end Walthamstow’s TK Maxx had one by the brand ‘The Vintage Cosmetics Company” – result!) I never appreciated the art and beauty that were held within bath bombs honestly, personally I thought they were a total waste of money but now I get it. I guess I do have my sisters to thank because really it was them who first tried them and then raved on about them to me. I understand the hype and why us women (and perhaps some men) appreciate the oils, the colours, the glitters in a LUSH bath bomb. I am going through them all and will hopefully right reviews on how immensely amazing they are.

and, not just focused primarily on just bath time, I am the type of person that like to venture out alone and go for walks. This involves me, my phone camera, some nifty filters, great angles, my oyster card and some good footwear BONUS if my husband tags along DOUBLE BONUS if I am doing this with both my sisters and baby brother. Museums leave me in awe, the City of London – my home, loses me every time and the villages of Lincolnshire – where the other part of my heart live (my uncles and cousins) are but some places I thrive in and long to be in and wander.

Finally, me in my room catching up on some anime, a drama (preferably Japanese, Korean or Taiwanese) or doing some arts and crafts. I love scrapbooks oh and colouring books (The Adult Kind hehe) all of which I hope to write reviews on in the hopes that others will also find as something to add on their list of things to do.

This is me. I am currently at work and need to catch my 5.16pm train to Vauxhall.

Thanks again

Hugs and squishy hugs

Me x


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