It’s been a while

Good morning!

After the long new year bank holiday, it’s back to work. It’s back to my long commute to work. Of the dreaded journey with the 3 changes and the cold also does not help especially when I am up so early leaving the house at 6.45am.

But it is what is is.

I never realised how busy it was living with your in-laws. Like even when I’m not doing work I am still busy doing my daughter in law duty. I have not found the time to just sit in my room and have time to myself. When I mean time to myself I mean me, just sitting alone, whilst I read or watch the anime I am currently  watching or the k drama I need to finish or start watching.

I just don’t have the time and it’s not a bad thing but I am missing it. And not to mention I really miss my family and all that comes with my crazy family. You really do appreciate them, in every shape and form.

Needless to say, I am blessed with my in-laws. I do have the most nicest MIL and my eldest zaal is really nice not to mention my eldest baowr is always lovely towards me. As I live with them it’s a bonus I get on with them so I can’t complain Alhumdulilah. But everyone is really nice. 😊

I’m due my period in 2 weeks and since about October 2016 PMS starts 2 weeks before I am due so for me PMS is the following: constipation, bloating and feeling extremely anxious and weepy. It’s annoying and I hate it.

It’s 7.25am, just coming up to Kings Cross St Pancras and I don’t know what else to type lol. I am eager to read my book!

What book you ask? Why the sequel to Fallen by Lauren Kate called Torment and one of the many theories I had was correct. Why Luce has met Daniel (bae) many a times in her many previous life and Daniel knows this because? Well he is an angel. A fallen, damned angel who does not age, who remembers and loves only for her. But her reincarnation this time round is different as in her present life she was never baptised so everything is different and Daniel may never see her again if she was to die. In this current book it’s a race for Luce to remember her past, all by herself. And I cannot wait to read.

Lots of love

Me x


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